10 Beautiful And Hottest Female Anchors In Cricket

The game of cricket is constantly improving and becoming better day by day. Over the past few years there has been lots of new developments. To be very honest the game has witnessed a total transformation.

These changes included coloured jerseys for the players, field restrictions during the game and some other changes too. In recent times the pre-match, mid-innings and post-match shows are also included.

In these shows former cricketers turned experts present their thoughts and analysis on the ongoing match. Most of the times these shows are hosted by beautiful and hottest female anchors in cricket. These ladies have over the time won the hearts of the fans with their beauty, charm and talent.

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Here are 10 such beautiful and hottest female anchors in cricket:

10. Rochelle Maria Rao

Image Source : redchillinews

The 2012 Femina Miss India got a lot of fame after she became a contestant in the Bigg Boss 9. She is also known for her character “Lottery” in The Kapil Sharma Show.

Apart from that she also featured in the Kingfisher Calender for the year 2014. Rochelle was born in Chennai and she has pursued a B.Sc. degree in Electronic Media.

Among the cricket fans Rochelle became quite popular after she featured in the 6th edition of IPL. Despite doing her job quite well, she could not prolong her anchoring career. The 30-year-old married her long-time boyfriend Keith Sequeira in 2018.

9. Karishma Kotak

Image Source : Celebritys Diary

She is professionally a British actor, a model and a TV presenter. Her father hailed originally from Gujarat while her mother is an East African. Currently her family is settled in London.

She pursued her studies in Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and Marketing. Initially Karishma wanted to become a teacher, but destiny had some other plans in store for her.

Since 1998, the 36-year-old has been actively taking part in the modelling and acting industry. She has been part of the Kingfisher Calender and was also a participant in Bigg Boss 6.

She became a member of the hottest female anchors in cricket during the IPL 6. Along with Rochelle, she was also part of that year’s tournament and gained many fans due to her beautiful looks.