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Who is the wife of the former Indian cricketer Anil Kumble?

Anil Kumble wife
Anil Kumble at Akash Ambani & Shloka Mehta wedding in Jio World Centre bkc on 10th March 2019 shown to user

The former Indian cricketer Anil Kumble wife is Chethana Ramatheertha. Chethana Ramatheertha was earlier married to a man and had to get separated from him.

Anil Kumble is the fourth-highest wicket-taker in test match innings of all times, decided to break all barriers and keep love over everything when he decided to get married to Chethana Ramatheertha.

Anil Kumble wife Chethana Ramatheertha on the other side gave up all hopes of finding love until the international cricket star Anil Kumble entered his life.

When and Where was Chethana Ramatheertha born?

Anil Kumble wife Chethana Ramatheertha date of birth is not known as she has never appeared in public interviews.

The exact place of birth of Chethana Ramatheertha is also not known but according to reports, she is of Indian nationality and was born in India.

Who are the parents of Chethana Ramatheertha?

Anil Kumble wife Chethana Ramatheertha or Chetana Kumble has been private about where she comes from and her background.

She has never revealed who are her parents and what was their occupations. She and her parents both avoid media attention as they like to live a peaceful and private life.

Does Chethana Ramatheertha have a sibling?

The information about the wife of the test cricket star Anil Kumble’s wife having a sibling or not is unknown.

Anil Kumble has never been seen with someone who claims to be the sibling of Chethana Ramatheertha.

Where did Chethana Ramatheertha get her education from?

According to reports, Anil Kumble’s wife Chethana Ramatheertha did her schooling at a local primary school. The name of her school is yet unknown.

Anil Kumble wife Chethana was an average student who was also involved in extracurriculars.After that, she went to college to get her bachelor’s degree. The name of her college is yet unknown.

Later went on to earn a postgraduate degree in English literature.

What does Chethana ramatheertha do?

Anil Kumble wife Chethana Ramatheertha is an English Literature postgraduate. She used to work at Trans-Oceans Travels when she met Anil Kumble for the first time.

However, after marrying the former Indian cricketer, she became a full-time housewife.

How did the Indian cricket star and Chethana Ramatheertha meet?

Mykhel Malayalam

Anil Kumble met his future wife at Trans-Oceanic Travels, where Chethana previously worked. Chethana used to live apart from her spouse despite the fact that they were married at the time.

She told him she wasn’t seeking for something serious since she had lost trust in partnerships.

When did Anil Kumble’s wife get into a relationship with him?

Hidustan Times

Anil Kumble’s wife formally divorced from her then-13-year-husband in 1998, sparking a lengthy custody battle over their daughter Aaruni.

The indian team star Anil Kumble proposed to her the following year, but she refused, citing her previous failed marriage as an example. She ultimately caved a year later.

When did Anil Kumble get married?

Anil Kumble, the Former Indian Spinner got hitched to Chethana Ramatheertha, a prominent traditional artist and choreographer. The couple got hitched in 1999 in a confidential service went to by their family and dear companions.

Who are the kids of Anil Kumble?

Anil Kumble and his better half Chethana Ramatheertha have one child together, named Mayas Kumble. Mayas was brought into the world in 2003.

Aside from Mayas, Anil Kumble has three youngsters from his past marriage, a little girl named Aaruni, and two children named Svasti and Chirag. Aaruni Kumble is an expert craftsman situated in Bangalore and has shown her works in different displays across India. Svasti and Chirag are both seeking after their schooling, and not much data is accessible about their own lives.

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