Zidane says that Cristiano Ronaldo is in under recovery after getting injured in UEFA Euro 16 final with France and he will be back soon.


Real Madrid has already said that Ronaldo won’t be available for the International Champion cup and could miss the opening match of the league because of his knee injury.

Cristiano Ronaldo currently enjoying his vacation in United States and continuing to recover from his injury as the star forward also want to join the club as soon as possible, but the Real Madrid boss has to say that he is not in a hurry, he knows to be patience and also believes that Ronaldo will be back in Madrid soon.

Zinedine Zidane expressed that he is very happy after 1-0 win against Bayern Munich, without including any star striker.

In an interview Zidane said, “Right now [Ronaldo] still has his injury,"

 "Obviously he wants to be back but we need patience and for him to be calm. He will be back with us soon in Madrid."

"Overall I am very happy with what we have done this preseason; the work we have done," he added.