The 24 year old Italian international and PSG midfielder said that Barcelona player told him that the match was over before the second leg match.


The PSG midfielder Marco Verratti is still in shell shock and avouched that the Catalan players told him before the match that the game was over but after that they came back from the monumental deficit.

In the first leg the PSG side won that match against the Catalan giants by 4-0, nut after that they lost their match by the Catalan giants 6-1 at the Camp Nou and they lost the match by 6-5 aggregate.

In that match the PSG striker scored a crucial away goal but they concede 6 goals in that match and lost the match.

In the last few minutes the Barcelona scored three crucial goal and won the match for them, the young Spaniard Sergio Roberto scored the winning goal for them.

In an interview Verratti said: "With Cavani's goal, we gained some peace,"
"I then spoke to the players of the Barca, they told me that it was finished. 

"Take three goals in seven minutes, I cannot find an explanation, it's football. 

"This is a game I will never forget. I hope it will serve as a lesson to everyone."

"The qualification of Barca is deserved. It was difficult to play, to make passes. They pressed too much in the first period. In the second, we got to play better.

"Now we're going to have a hard time. There will be others. 

"We must find the strength to raise our heads. You have to be men. We are all sad. We lost 6-1, it's not because of the referee. We are primarily responsible."