The La Liga chief Tebas believes the Argentine ace is the greatest of all in the football domain after his mesmerizing performance in the Sunday’s El Clasico against the Real Madrid side, after the match he is one the people who pay him reverence.


Though Tebas as himself a Real Madrid fan but admitted that it is not easy for him to accept that their bitter rival’s player Messi is the best in the world.

After his sensational performance against the Real Madrid side Messi’s name was on everybody’s lips.


After the crucial Winn over Real Madrid side Barcelona now is equal to the Real Madrid side by points but still, the Real Madrid side are the Favorites as they have one extra game in their hand.

After the match, Tebas said: "Messi's goal? As a Madrid fan, you obviously feel hurt, mostly because of the time. But it is good for La Liga,"

"On the basis of yesterday's game, I would say Messi is the best player of all times. And I've seen him play better."

The La Liga official also played down the social media battle between the two Spanish center backs who are battling over Twitter on referring.

Tebas voiced: "The Ramos-Pique spat is just one of those football things. There are a lot of pressures and tension, they feel their teams' colors... in the national team they forget about it,"

"On Twitter Pique is funnier, and he has more cheek. Sergio is more sensitive and passionate. I like both of them."

In this Tuesday the Barcelona team will host the Osasuna side.