The former Portuguese international believes that his countryman is a perfect professional because of his astonishing hard work.


Former Atletico Madrid star man Simao believes because of his hard work and because of his work ethic has been able to stay at this position for a long time.

Tomorrow the real Madrid side will face their city rivals Atletico Madrid side in the Champions league semi-finals and the Real Madrid side is keen to defeat and retain their trophy.

In an interview, Simao said: "Every day, when he wakes up, he is the first one on the bench,"

"He starts to work one hour before the training starts. He trains and after the training, he keeps working. That is in that level that nobody expected.

"He always wants more. He knows that if he wants to be at this level, he needs to work more and more. He has been always a winner, who when he wakes up he just thinks of work and work.