The 39-year-old Italy international and Juventus goalkeeper thinks that his country can emerge against to the summit of European football, though they are struggling in the recent years.


Right now the Serie A is affected by financial doping but the Juventus goalkeeper believes that Serie A can become the best league in the Europe once again.

In the year 2010 Inter Milan is the last Italian club who won the Champions league after that no other Italian club manage to lift that trophy in the recent years, though once in the decades of 1980 to mid-2000s serie A enjoyed fruitful seasons.

In the last 30 European finals Italian clubs have represented 14 out of them but now in the recent year’s they  were unable to reach at that stage to represent themselves,

Nowadays the Italian giants' teams like AC Milan and Inter Milan are struggling on the highest stage,

That indicates the decline in standards.

After few days the Italian side Juventus will take down Barcelona in the Champions league Quarterfinal and the Juventus goalkeeper is optimistic about that match and about his country’s future.

Buffon said: "Italian football was financially doped,"

"By that I mean that we lived above our capabilities and we blew money which we originally could not afford. But in Italy, the passion for football will never die. I believe in cycles.


"We are back on our way up and maybe in four or five years the Serie A will be the best league in Europe again."

But right now as a development, many Italian clubs are now brought by foreign owners, with Roma and AC Milan is taken by American and Chinese owners.

Buffon takes a vague look at it and thinks that it represents the poor economic conditions of Italy.

He added: "[It is a] defeat for Italian football and our tradition,"


"It mirrors the bad economic situation in our country and it is the proof that solvent businessmen – which we have – do not want to invest in the rise of Italian football."