The 21 year old winger claims that the Arsenal want him to stay with them but he make his decision to leave them just for his carrier improvement, and he thinks he made the right decision.


The 21 year old youngster joined the German side Werder Bremen in summer and he is playing an impressive game there and he was benched by Arsène Wenger for the most of the time that’s why he chose to leave the club.

The young German netted four goals for his side and because of his good from he got selected in the German national team and there he netted a hat trick in his first international game.

Now he is enjoying his carrier with his new side and he think the he made the right decision.

The German international told that:

"It was the right decision. Everybody who compares my development over the last four months to my time in England before that can't come to a different conclusion,"

"That was the main reason for the transfer - I wanted to get more playing time and it worked.

"Arsenal wanted to keep me, badly, but I had to look after my development.

"If a player does not perform well, a club has no sympathy and they do not want to keep him."

But this season the German side Werder Bremen is sitting 16th in the table and they are struggling to in this season.

In their last six games the side has won only 1 game and drew with Hamburg by 2-2 on Saturday.