The former Manchester United goalkeeper believes that the French superstar will strengthen the Manchester United squad, and he will be a good addition for them.


This season the Red Devils side added many world class player in their squad like Zlatan Ibrahimovic but still they are struggled this season to convert the chances into goals.


And this thing cause them major problem this season as a result they are unable to win many matches and they drew their most of the matches this season and now they are sitting at the sixth place on the table.

Now they are 13 points away from the league leaders Chelsea.

In this January it it expected that they will break their bank accounts to sharpen their attack and they will try to change their fate and they will try to qualify for the champions league and try to get attest the fourth spot in the table. 

This season the French international is in impressive form with the Hammers and the Manchester United side will defiantly try to add him in their squad.

The former goalkeeper added:

“I think Mourinho has to change his way a little bit to please the fans, the club and the traditions of the club. I think he is showing signs of that, the players that he is signing, they are of a different calibre. 

“Zlatan Ibrahimovic is someone he probably wouldn’t have signed had he been at Chelsea, but he’s United’s kind of player, the kind the supporters like to see. He’s rewarding us with great skills and great goals – I think he has scored seven goals so far. 

“But Payet? Definitely if he can find the form he showed during the Euros.”.

In this season he has become the Key player for the West Ham and he created many more chances for his team this year.