The former Manchester United captain accolade about the Portuguese sensation, as last day he helps his side to win over the German Champions.


Roy Keane spoke his heart out when he filled Cristiano Ronaldo with a world of Encomium saying: "one of the greatest players ever to play this game".

Ronaldo found the back of the net five times against Bayern Munich in the Champions league quarter-final as he single-handedly propelled Madrid to their sixth consecutive Champions league semi-final.

Cristiano Ronaldo has gone down in the history of UCL as the first player to have 100 goals under his belt.

Keane said: "The guy is a genius, it's a simple as that,"

"You are talking about one of the greatest players ever to play this game. He is a joy to watch."

Both Madrid and Ronaldo are having a ball at this moment as Madrid has already snatched UEFA Super Cup and Club World Cup and they are all set to life this season’s La Liga as they are comfortably placed at the helm of La Liga Standing, and we are falling short of words to praise this genius as he is going through the time of his life.

He added: "We keep talking about how hard it is to score goals,"

"You look at his stats every season... the goals, the assists — the guy is a genius."