The Real Madrid attacker, who has generated transfer season this season, has avouched to the judge at his tax trial.


The Portuguese superstar Cristiano Ronaldo on his tax trial told the judge that he wants to go back to England.

Cristiano Ronaldo is accused of defrauding €14.7 million.

He has gone to the court to fight with those charges and he has made a comment that he could possibly return to England.

Ronaldo voiced: "In England, I never had these problems, that's why I want to go back there.

"I always paid my taxes, always. In England and in Spain. And I always paid.

“As you know, I cannot hide anything, it would be ridiculous on my part to do such a thing. I am an open book.

“You don't need to do anything but type my name into Google and everything about Cristiano comes out. For example, Forbes magazine releases all of my earnings"

Ronaldo was answering the questions of Judge Monica Gomez Ferrer.

Ronaldo added: "I paid everything in 2014. I don't understand anything about this, I only went to school until my sixth year and the only thing I know how to do is play football well. When my advisors tell me, 'Cris, it's okay' then I believe them.

"I pay, I want to be honest and I always pay.

"I trust my advisors and they are the best. I pay them well and they do good things and I leave everything in their hands."

The exit talk of Ronaldo sparked earlier this season also when he voiced that he wants to leave Madrid after being accused of tax fraud.