The 32-year-old former Manchester united attacker reveals that his time was Old Trafford was a Dream and that allows him to refine the Art of Football.


The former Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson is the main reason behind Cristiano Ronaldo wearing the famous o7 Jersey.

The Portuguese superstar joins the Real Madrid side a few years back and now he becomes known as CR7 due to the inevitable talk with the Sir Alex Ferguson when he first arrived at the Old Trafford.

At that time the Former Manchester United manager said to Ronaldo that: “Look, I want you to wear the No.7 shirt,”


“I was surprised because I knew of all the great players who wore that jersey.”

The Portuguese superstar might peak for the Real Madrid side but he achieved greatness also with the Manchester United side as in 2009 he earn his first Ballon d’Or award.

Ronaldo said: It was the start of my successful stage in football,”
“I did not only improve my football skills, but also my physique.

“In my five years there, I learned the art of football. We won many things together. It was a dream for me.”

Ronaldo has won another three Ballon d’Or awards with the Madrid side and now he has considered the world’s one of the most valuable players alongside with Lionel Messi.