The 31 year old Portuguese tries to buckler his son from criticism, and he want to keep up the family tradition, as long as he is not playing in the field.


Ronaldo claims that there other some people who tells his son that there are other player who are better than the Real Madrid superstar.


In the 2016 the attacker has won the Ballon d'Or for the fourth time and also he lifted the Champions league and the EUFA EURO cup and the FIFA club world cup with his club and Country.

But Ronaldo thinks his son got targeted by the public and the haters are jealous of his success.

The Portuguese captain said on ON TV that: "There are people who sometimes say to him that 'there is another player who is better than your father', but he knows how to deal with that,"

"He is a smart boy, like me. I often tell him "be yourself and be polite."

"I know that he will go through periods of adversity as there are jealous people out there, but I see him as a happy child."

The Real Madrid star revels that he would be happy to see his offspring to follow his conspicuous footsteps.

He voiced: "Of course I would like it if he became a footballer,"

"I know that it is a challenge and that it isn't easy, but he can be whatever he wants to be as I won't pressure him.

"I might be pushing him a little in the direction of becoming a footballer, but not to be a goalkeeper as I want him to be a forward!"