Ronaldo not included in the world’s most expensive team by CIES football observatory, though this year he is the most favorite player to win the Ballon d'Or.


According to their Report they valued Ronaldo (111m), and piped by Mess Lionel Messi (160m), Antonio Griezmann (115m),Neymar (213m),in the attacking line of the team.

The Catalan star Neymar is apprehended the most valuable player in the Europe and another young Brazilian from Liverpool makes the team his value is (63m), he was included in the team with no 10 position.


The CIES group researches all the players’ values throughout Erurope’s top five Leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, Bundesliga) throughout every transfer window.

They valued players according to their performance level, their age, contract, international status, experience and achievements. 

From La Liga they include the Real Madrid defender Varane (42m),and Athletic Bibao defender Laporte (41m),and from English premier league they include the Manchester United defender David De Gea (49m),and their new superstar midfielder Paul Pogba (106m).

From Serie A they include only one player in their team Bonucci (42m),and from Ligue 1 they include PSG defender Marquinhos (£40m),and also their midfielder Veratti (62m).

According to their list in the top 20 they added seven Premier league players in that,

Pogba,Eden Hazard(64m),Aguero (75m),Coutinho,Kevin De Bryun (60m),Sanchez (59m),Kane(53m),and in that list they included also seven players from La Liga and also two players from Serie A and three players from Bundesliga and also one player from Ligue 1.

Though the Real Madrid superstar is favorite to win this year Ballon d'Or.