The 31 year olds agent thinks that he is the best Footballer he has ever seen and according to him Ronaldo is the best player in football history and this year he deserve to win the Ballon d'Or.

The super agent thinks that his client he deserves to win of all kind of trophy that he has achieved through out in his entire life till now.

The 31 year old Portuguese win the best player of the year award fourth time and he is also leading in the race of winning of the Ballon d'Or this year also, and maybe he can win the France football prize this year also.


“Cristiano had a fantastic season," Mendes told. "He won the Champions League with Real Madrid, scoring 16 goals, and the European Championship with Portugal. And it is such a small country that victory was unthinkable. It is worth three times more than other national teams winning it.


"That's why the Goal 50 award is so deserved and I am thrilled that he is being recognised. I also have no doubt that elemental justice will be done and Cristiano will win the Ballon d'Or and be considered the best by FIFA."

Rondlao spends his most childhood time and teenager time in the island of Madeira, then he joins the Sporting FC, then he became the Ronaldo after joining the Manchester united Under sir Alex Ferguson and then he moved to the Real Madrid side, and in this time he won many individual awards and also some major trophies with his team.

"I can tell you that there is only one player in the world who can win those trophies and that player is Cristiano," Mendes said. "Because the difference in level between him and the rest is so big, in whatever comparison you make.

"He is a fighter, he surpasses himself daily, and in my perspective, Cristiano is without doubt the best ever in the history of football.

"Whoever has Cristiano, has everything."