This season the Manchester United team is searching a place in the top four of the table to play the Champions league next season but they can play the tournament by winning a major trophy also.


According to the former Manchester United legend Bryan Robson the Manchester United side should make Europa league their top priority not the Top four finishes in the EPL table.

He also said he did not bother if they finish at the eighth spot on the table as long as they are getting triumph in the Europa league.

If the Manchester United team able to win the Europa league tournament they can directly play the next Season Champions league.

In an interview, the Club legend said: "We must be really solid but on the front foot,"

"It's a major competition for us.

"United are all about winning trophies and it's a real hard task to finish in the top four because we've had a lot more games.

“If we win it, it'll have been a very successful season.

“I’m not bothered even if we finish eighth if we can win this competition."

Last night Manchester United side drew their match against the Belgium side Anderlecht in their (Anderlecht’s) home soil by 1-1.

In the next week, the second leg will take place at the Old Trafford.