Last night the Catalan side made a wonderful comeback against Eiber but that was not enough for them to hold the La Liga trophy for them as Real Madrid won the La Liga trophy last night.


Last night the Spanish giants Barcelona side were dethroned by the Real Madrid side in the La Liga and the Barcelona captain congratulates the Real Madrid side.

Last night the Catalan giants conceded two goals from the Eiber in the beginning of the match but they made a strong comeback against them and won it by 4-2 goals.

After the match Iniesta said: "Well, we won. We did our homework, but Real Madrid were better than us. Congratulations to them,"

"No we didn't miss because of that. We won. All the rest is irrelevant. It's a shame it wasn't enough.

"We knew [the Madrid score] at half-time, but we didn't know apart from that. We did the job, but we couldn't depend just on ourselves, it was out of our hands."

In his last season, the Barcelona coach Luis Enrique can still claim a trophy with the Barcelona squad as they will face Alves in the Copa Del Rey final.

Iniesta said: "Everyone is grateful for what Luis Enrique did and now we are going to fight against Alaves next week to finish the year as great as possible,"