The director of RB Leipzig thinks that the worlds best football players Messi and Ronaldo “wouldn’t work” for them because of their age.


According to the Bundesliga leaders Director Mesii and Ronaldo is too old for their club.


After 13 matches the RB Leipzig side is sitting at the Zenith of the table and they did not lost a single match this season so far and they are three points clear from the Bayern Munich who are sitting at the second position in the Bundesliga table.

Ralf Rangnick the director of RB Leipzig was lined with the club for many years and he has seen his club’s transformation since 2012, and asked if he want to add the Barcelona star Lionel Messi and Ronaldo in his squad he replied: 


"It would be absurd to think that it could work with them here.

"They are both too old and too expensive."

The club RB Leipzig was founded back in 2009, and then they were bank rolled by the Red Bull, in these seven years they have earned seven promotions and the eight players who played in their last match against Schalke were with them when they are in the second division.

The current Director was with the club when they were in the fourth Division and he take care of young talents like Dominik Kaiser, Scotland winger Oliver Burke, Guinea midfielder Naby Keita, defender Bernardo.

The director added:

"We have the youngest team - and most unexperienced - in the league,"

"I don't know if it's a revolution, but it's unusual that a team, who was in the fourth division three-and-a-half years ago is now on 33 points after 13 games. Nobody expected this."

The club is became a marketing vehicle for Red Bull,and for that they are widely  distaste in Germany.

He voiced:

"Whenever a new club comes along, fans of rival teams see them as an opponent and an enemy,"

"It was the same with Hoffenheim, we were disliked in the second division, but really disliked when we went up to the Bundesliga.

"Then we played Bayern and we were top, and everyone was supporting us.

"There are people, not just in Leipzig, who think we deserve what is happening to us right now.

"Neutrals will say we deserve what we have with such young players."