The super agent who done all the taking instead of the Pogba to the other club he told that why the deal has broke down in 2012 with Manchester United.

Former Manchester United boss the scot Sir Alex Ferguson call him a "t***"during interlocution for Paul Pogba’s new contract back in 2012.

The 23 year old France international did not came in to a conclusion with the Red Devils back into the 2012, and then he moved to the Juventus.

In his time sir Alex Ferguson twice vow at him during the prior contract interlocution.

 But in this transfer window Pogba has joined his former side with a world record fee under the special one.

"Ferguson to Raiola: 'I don’t talk to you if the player is not here'.

"Raiola: 'Get the player out of the locker room and sit him here'. Pogba enters. Ferguson to Pogba: 'You don’t want to sign this contract?

"Pogba: 'We’re not going to sign this contract under these conditions'. Ferguson to Raiola: 'You’re a t***'.


"Raiola: 'This is an offer that my chihuahuas - I have two chihuahuas - don’t sign'. Ferguson: 'What do you think he needs to earn?' Raiola: 'Not that'. Ferguson: 'You’re a t***'."