The Italian and Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon believes that the 23-years-old France midfielder and his former teammate is a giant warrior on the pitch and have so much talent that can make him the best player in the world.


The 38-years-old shot stopper praises Pogba for his improvement since he joined the Italian giant Juventus in 2012 and also praises him for his excellent attitude on the pitch and in training session, he praises him for his control of the ball, the way he plays.

Buffon believes that Pogba can be one of the best players in the world.

After a record breaking move to the Manchester United, the versatile midfielder has already impressed everyone in his second Manchester United debut and this is only the beginning of the league.

Buffon admits that he has no doubt that Pogba will be a success in the Premier League under the management of Mourinho but the only thing is his absence hurts them.

In an interview Buffon said, “With luck it is possible. The kid is a tremendous warrior on the pitch but also has so much talent.

"I have no doubts that Paul will be a success in the Premier League.

"It may take some time to adapt but I'm certain he will do it, especially as he knows the club well which is important.

"The important thing is that his attitude is excellent on the pitch and in training. The thing we will miss most now he has gone is his closeness with everyone in the team."

"His control of the ball and the way he can swiftly change the play from defense to attack is special - and for us it hurts to lose him."

The star goalkeeper also compared Pogba with his former teammate Zinedine Zidane,

And said, “It’s not easy to compare him to greats of the past but he has many details of the games of both Platini and Zidane."

“He can become the best footballer in the world” he added.