After the Sunday’s draw against Liverpool FC, the France international and Manchester United's playmaker Paul Pogba was criticised for his performance, and the former Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic has now commented on the constant pressure his teammate is under.


Paul Pogba can handle the ‘24-hour pressure’, says Zlatan Ibrahimovic via @guardian_sport

— The Guardian (@guardian) January 17, 2017

The France international Paul Pogba, who moved to Old Trafford for a world record £89million during the summer and his scored six goals in the 28 games that have followed, but on Sunday’s game against Liverpool FC, Pogba gave away a needless penalty in the 1-1 draw with Liverpool, which cost him to face criticism for his perceived small contribution to United's cause.


And on that matter, the 35-year-old former Swedish international Zlatan Ibrahimovic, who is current top scorer of Manchester United believes the Frenchman will continue to thrive, even with all the pressure he has on his shoulders.


As in an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Zlatan said,

"Pressure is something I enjoy," 

"I don't know Paul personally to be able to answer that for him. But I think he likes it also because, without pressure, we would not be on our toes at the top level.”

"If you want to play at the top, pressure is 24 hours, and if you play well or better, the pressure becomes even greater.”

"So it's something that we learn from and something we have to handle because we belong to the top. Paul belongs at the top absolutely and the pressure will be there."