The 31 year old English international and Manchester United highest goal scorer believes that the today’s young players should desire succeed taking the next move given their extensive opulence.


The 31 year old wishes to become a manager after his playing career is over and he also thinks that the new generation players do not need the monetary need to go into the management.

The English man believes that the young players who desire to become a manager will be doing so for their love of the football.

With they have earned huge monetary award from their playing days.
The English man wishes to take his coaching badges for his future and hopes he can have a long success in the dugout.

He also thinks bosses in his epoch will have more chances of attainment due to the extra inspiration that they will need to take the leap.

In an interview he told to BBC: "Players who are playing in this generation have enough money not to have to go into management, so the ones who will want to do it will be successful,"

"Of course it is something I would love to do. When you get a bit older you start to think a bit more about the game. 

"My whole life has been around football and the minute I finish playing I would like to try and stay in the game. Hopefully I get the opportunity to manage."