Gerard Pique is in full accord with what Sergio Ramos has said about Barcelona's scintillating win over PSG.


Sergio Ramos who earlier made a controversial statement said that he will be happy if Barcelona  lose before the second leg between Barcelona and PSG,

now after having smashed PSG by 6-1 in Camp Nou Pique has hit back at Ramos by saying that he doesn't  need to get angry though he agreed with him on Barcelona's historic win.

Luis Enrique's side made one of the most outstanding come backs in Champions league after getting hammered 4-0 in the first leg, with  everyone's surprise they completely changed the table in their favor after tearing apart PSG by 6-1 and winning the top 16 on a 6-5 aggregate,

Real Madrid probably the second best team in Europe at the moment and the closest rival to Barcelona, the win did not go to well with them as Sergio Ramos was actually looking forward to see Barcelona getting thrown out of the competition.

Pique voiced: "I didn't get angry with Sergio Ramos' words.

"I enjoyed it [the win] like a kid, it was like a dream come true. The feelings are even stronger than winning the Champions League trophy.

"Now, the best thing is to win it but that night against PSG was historic as Ramos said. The most important thing is try to win.

"That comeback will be in the history books but without any substance if we don't win the tournament in the end."