The former Barcelona player and the Frenchman Emmanuel Petit think that the Atletio Madrid will join the Manchester United team.


Sportslibro sources understand that the 25 year old French international will join the Manchester United squad in this summer.

The French international Antonio Griezmann is at the right age of joining the Manchester United team and he can become the perfect stellar for them in the next season.

The former French international Petit is sure that in Griezmann will link up with Mourinho.

In an interview with Soccer AM petit said: "I think he will come to Manchester United, definitely,"

And Griezmann has already said that at some stage he is willing to play alongside with Pogba.

The Atletico Madrid man and the French international posted many pictures on the social network together and Petit thinks that their friendship could be a big part of his deal.

Petit added: "He has a great partnership with Pogba in the national team, they are very good friends as well,"

"He will bring goals, assists and his winning mentality as well."

In the last Ballon d'Or award the French international finished in the third spot behind Ronaldo and Messi and the 1998 world cup winner thinks that his countryman deserves to be among the world’s elite players.

He voiced: "Griezmann over the last four years has improved step by step,"

"For me it would be a big bargain for Manchester United."