Paris Saint Germain suggests that the Brazilian legend Pele thinks Neymar needed to leave Barcelona for PSG to showcase what he is capable off.

But the Brazilian legend Pele also thinks that it is dangerous for the Brazilian superstar Neymar as because of his price value the level of responsibility whould be given to his shoulder.

This season Neymar made a shocking move to the Paris Saint Germain side for the £200million,

Brazilian legend Pele believes that Neymar made the right choice to Move to PSG as now Neymar can harness his full dynamic, and now he does not have to play his football under the Argentine superstar Lionel Messi.

Pele Elucidated: ”At the moment the best player in Brazil is Neymar and I think the move for him was very good because there was huge competition with Messi at Barcelona.

“I think it's a good opportunity for him and he needed to move because now he can really play and show what he's capable of. 

“But it's also very dangerous when you get given that responsibility."

Now, this season Neymar’s chances of winning the Ballon d’Or is under certain questions as due to the competitiveness of the Ligue One to the La Liga.

But Pele thinks his move to the Paris Saint Germain will now rear his chances to winning that trophy.

When the question asked to Pele can Neymar win the Coveted trophy he said: ”Of course he can. Neymar has a football at his feet which is all he needs.”

The Brazilian superstar starts his life in the French capital in style, he scored three goals in his three league games for them.

He is tied up to the Paris Saint Germain side until 2022.