This season the EPL giant Manchester City side lost the race against Paris Saint Germain to signing the French youngster Mbappe, in the face of the Attacker is being impressed by the Spanish coach.

This season the 18-year-old Striker turned down the opportunity to play under the wing of Pep Guardiola at Manchester City and he chooses Paris Saint Germain side over the Manchester City side.

This season most of the Europe’s elite club targeted the French youngster as right now he is the hottest prospect in the world football and he decided to join the Paris Saint Germain side over Real Madrid, Arsenal and City this season.

The 18-year-old have a word with the Spanish manager Pep Guardiola in the beginning of this transfer season when he was determined to play his football for the Monaco side but he was impressed with Pep’s passion for the game but still, he opted to backtrack the Manchester City side and joined the French capital side.

Mapped uttered: "When the season finished in May, my idea was to stay. There was not another possibility in my head,"

"When I met with some coaches, I told them, and they can confirm, that my priority is Monaco. And if Monaco does what I expect, I wouldn't want to leave. After that, something happened and I changed my position.

"I didn't say no to him [Guardiola] but I said no to Manchester City. When I saw him, we talked about tactics, how he could use me. That's really a coach that feels football.

"He has won everywhere and transmits a passion to you. I love coaches that just talk about football. He's like the [PSG] coach [Unai] Emery."