The 31 year old Ronaldo has signed a new contract with the Real Madrid in this Monday until 2021, and his former club team mates thinks that he will creates history.

The German attacker hails about his former Real Madrid team mate and he tells that he will write down history, and as per Ozil he thinks that the Portuguese made him a great player.

This year the winger is favourite to win the prestigious Ballon d'Or after he won the Eufa Euro with his national team for the first time and also won the champions league with his club Real Madrid under Zidane, and few days ago he penned a new contract with the Los Blancos side.


The Gunners attacking Midfilder Ozil played with the Portuguese man when he was a part of the Real Madrid team few years back and then he saw how he is dedicated towards his training and to improving himself and he tells that the Winger helped him{Ozil} to improve his game.


"I've never seen someone like him," he told Arsenal's YouTube channel. "He's the first in the dressing room and the last out. He's very professional and always wants to fight, even in the training sessions.

"I really enjoyed playing with him, he made me better on the pitch. He's a good guy and a good friend. Of course, I gave him a lot of assists! If I gave him two assists, he would score twice.

"He is an amazing player. One of the greatest in the world and in history."