According to the former Barcelona superstar Ronaldinho Neymar is as good as Lionel Messi and Ronaldo.


The Barcelona legend Ronaldinho believes that his countryman Neymar is on the same level With the Argentine star Lionel Messi and the Real Madrid ace Ronaldo.

The Brazilian captain Neymar has already won two La Liga titles and one Champions league trophy with the Catalan side,

Two times FIFA WORLD player of the year Ronaldinho believes that his compatriot is as good as Messi and Ronaldo in respect of merit,

In an interview he said: Neymar is a close friend and he is Brazil's greatest idol today,"

"He's already at the same level as Ronaldo and Messi and we truly hope that one day he can get the Ballon d'Or and continue his success, but he's already amongst the top and it's just a matter of time."

Like Neymar Ronaldinho has won two a Liga titles and one Champions league with the Barcelona side,

But the Brazilian legend does not want to compare his Barcelona team with the current Barcelona squad.

He voiced: "I never like comparisons, we were a great team with great players and individuals, and today's side also has a great team with great players and individuals,"

"I was successful, my team was successful and we won a lot of trophies and today's Barca side are the same, they are also very successful, so I want to wish the best to them. I don't like comparisons, I just know we should continue."