The 30 year old tennis superstar wants to be the president of the Los Blancos die.


The 14 time grand slam winner Rafael Nadal wishes to be the president of the Real Madrid side.

Miguel Angel Nadal the Uncle of Rafael Nadal is a former Barcelona defender but the tennis superstar is the Real Madrid fan.

The tennis superstar thinks that it might be unlucky but he is saying at the state of the La Liga and European giants were a dream for him.

He added: "If you ask me if I would like it, of course I would, why not?

"But there is more to it... I think it will not be."

This season the real Madrid side is playing some impeccable football under Zidane’s wing.

They are right now sitting at the Numero UNO position of the table,
And they are one point clear from their rival Barcelona with two matches in their hand.

In the recent past the tennis superstar was the runner up of the Australian Open finale,

He accolades about the Real Madrid president Florentino Perez.

In an interview he added: "We are very good as we are,"

"We have a great president right now and I don't think Real Madrid need me, but we never know what can happen in the future.

"It is not something I can raise today."