Last night in their match against Sevilla James Rodriguez came off just before the hour mark and he applauded the Madrid fans but his teammate thinks it was not his farewell.


Last night the Colombian star applauds the real Madrid fans at Bernabeu after their match against Sevilla but Nacho Rodriguez does not think that it was a farewell from him.

Last night the Real Madrid side route Sevilla side by 4-1 goals, James played a pivotal role in that match.

This season the Colombian was heavily linked to the Manchester United side.

After that Nacho said: "The ovation for James was very nice,"

"The whole stadium has applauded him, he's a great player and I don't think it's a goodbye."

James Rodriguez is hungry for Regular team football and he is not getting it under Zidane so he is desperate to move away from Madrid.

Keylor Navas is also in a doubtful condition about his future, after Madrid want De Gea in their squad.

Navas said: "James has his contract and, as always, he is working in a professional manner.

"We love him as a person and admire him as a player. He is motivated and always ready to play."