The former Bundesliga player of the year facing some difficulties to adjust his life in English Football.


In this season the Red Devils have brought the Armenian Superstar at the Old Trafford from Dortmund, but he is finding his life hard here.

Last night the special one put the Armenian superstar to the starting lineup and then he proves last night that they (Manchester United) did not make any mistake for paying 26m to Dortmund, he display some amazing skill last night and the coach wants him to play like this in the EPL in their next match they way he plays against Feyenoord last night.

Last night in Europa league the Manchester United face the Eredivisie leaders Feyenoord in their home ground, in the first fixture they faced a defeat the Feyenoord home ground so they are ready to take the revenge and they won the match with flying Colours against them last night by 4-0.

Now after  watching Mkhitaryan’s last night performance the coach Jose Mourinho decide to give him more minutes in their upcoming  FOOTBALL MATCH against West ham on Sunday.

The special one says: “He needs now to replicate this kind of performance in the Premier League,”

“The Europa League is different, he needs one more step and it gives him the right to believe he can play in the next match and play with more physicality, more aggression.

“But he has the quality and that is why we bought him.”