The Special one believes it is too hard to get the Brazilian attacker at the Old Trafford.


The Manchester United supremo Jose Mourinho believes signing the Barcelona attacker Neymar is impossible.

This season the Barcelona attacker has regularly been linked with a move to Manchester United as per our sources we get to know that the Red Devils side is ready to offer a huge bid for the Brazilian international.

Though the Manchester United head coach denies the fact and says that bringing him to the Manchester United is next to impossible.

He said: "I always try to be objective and pragmatic with the clubs and ask the clubs what can be given to me,"

"Neymar is absurd. A club like Barcelona cannot and will not lose Neymar.

"Although [Lionel] Messi is still a young player with years to go, he is already playing well at 30.


"Neymar will be the great player of Barcelona after Messi. I think it [signing Neymar] is like trying to break into a safe. Impossible."

The Brazilian ace has scored 14 goals for the Catalan side in this term; this is his lowest tally since his first campaign at the club in 2013-14.

This Sunday the Barcelona will take down Granada on the La Liga.