The special one coach thinks that he always thought the 31 year old Ecuadorian squad will be the perfect one to be a good right back.


We regret not having obtained the 3 points. I also want to dedicate this award to the entire Manchester United Medical Corps.

— Antonio Valencia (@anto_v25) November 19, 2016

The 53 year old Manchester united coach reveals that when he was with Real Madrid he tries to sign the 31 year old Manchester United player, but he told that there was no chance.

This season the Ecuadorian is displaying a great display for Mourinho, and the special one persist that he always felt that he fit as a right back and that position suit him.

The 31 year old played last match for the Red Devils against Arsenal and Mourinho thinks that he provide an extra attacking option for the team.

The special one told that:

"I tried to sign Antonio a number of years ago, when I was at Madrid,"

"Even though he was not playing right-back at the time, I thought he could be phenomenal in that position. As it was, United told me 'no chance!'"

"I am not surprised by his form this season. He has been clean of injuries, save for an operation on his arm which did not keep him out for long, and I have also been able to keep him fresh by resting him in certain Europa League games.

"I think he is the right-back to give us the maximum we can in terms of our attacking football."