The current Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho  would have really happy to see Di Maria & Chicharito in Manchester United jersey at this present moment.


Jose Mourinho has accepted the fact that if the reigns of Manchester of United into his hand DI Maria a bit more longer participation for Manchester United,

Di Maria who played only one season with Manchester United under the aegis of Louis Van Gaal was sold to PSG despite he showed his class as a player and now Mourinho feels that if DI Maria is with the team, Manchester United Would have been a more stronger side than they are currently.

In a interview he said: "When I first arrived, I found a sad club. Manchester United sold players that I never would have sold, and bought players I never would have bought,"

"I would never have sold Di Maria, Chicharito or Danny Welbeck, never, no chance."

Mourinho has also sympathizes  with Pogba's current form and also didn't hold anything back while praising the 35 year Swedish striekr Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

he voiced: "It isn't easy for Pogba,"

"The country is so different to Italian football. It is hard for him. I'm not disappointed at all. The most important thing is his personality. He is professional and he will improve for sure.

"Zlatan is not a surprise for me. I know the personality, I know the body, I know the ambition that brought him here.

"Could he do it in the best league in the world? He has done it everywhere else. He's doing amazingly well."