Neymar is on the verge to sign for the PSG squad and the Belgium international of PSG ponder that this kind of deal would become a common occurrence for them.


The Belgium international of PSG is adamant that PSG would become one of the Europe’s elite clubs in Europe.

This season the Brazilian attacker is on the brink of Signing for the PSG side, though last term PSG had a poor run in their domestic league and also in the Champions league.

But PSG side is confident that this season they can land the Brazilian wonder Kid Neymar from Barcelona and also Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal.

Meunier voiced: “If the club continues to grow like it has, guys won’t want to go to Barcelona but will instead want PSG,”

The Belgium international speaking relation to his own performance and believes that he can still improve his game.

He voiced: “I think that there’s still a chance for me to improve my level, especially with regards my consistency,”

“But on the level of the team, there’s not much above PSG.”

Meunier believes that there is something vital ingredient they need to win the Champions league.

He Elucidated: “Time,”

“It can only be built around that.

“The club has been very impatient and says the Champions League is its priority. It’s ambitious and it has the means to attract the players to win the competition. 

“I could bet €10,000 on who will win the league, but I’d not put a single euro on who will win the Champions League. There are too many criteria in the games and you play against teams who are so experienced.

“It’s not yet in the culture of the club to think like it’s a giant, for the moment. There is something that must be instilled in the club with regards its players, who must live for the club. It’s not something you get straight away, but is earned like at Real Madrid or Barca.