The Argentine’s performance for his country is often under scrutiny but he is determined to win silverware with his country.


The Argentine Ace avouched that he did not pay any kind of criticism what people says about him regarding his performance for his country,

And he also values his Olympic gold medal more than his Barcelona club titles.


The Barcelona star has a glittering club career with the Barcelona squad but he fails to replicate that thing with his national side.

With the Argentina side Lionel Messi won the 2008 Olympic gold medal but in the last world cup, his side lost their match against Germany in the final and also in the years of 2015 and in 2016 Argentina lost against the Chile side in the Copa America final by penalties.

Recently the Argentine captain handed a four-match ban from FIFA after their match against Chile.

Though the Argentine skipper is adamant that Critics will not affect him.

He said: "The criticism I receive is not something I care about because I know about the things that happened,"

"I understand the people who always want us to win and demand that we deliver a trophy.

"But those of us who play for the national team want to win a title too.

"The Olympic gold in 2008 is the win that I value the most because it is a tournament that you may only play in once in your life and involves many athletes from different disciplines."

Though he receives a four-match ban he receives supports from his national teammate Mariano Andujar.

Andujar said: "I honestly don't think Leo should bother coming back, but he loves playing for the national team,"

"But he shouldn't bother. Why are you going to come back? So that they can boo you again? Why would you bother?

"Nobody appreciates him. Everybody says 'why doesn't he play for Argentina like he does for Barcelona,' they accuse him of not bothering.

"He said he wasn't going to play again and they started putting up banners on July 9 asking for him to come back; you don't appreciate what you've got until it's gone."