The 24 year old Spanish midfielder previously stated that he cannot go out for walks with Messi and has now presented himself as the  man’s best friend by defending him.



Isco is confidant of the fact that Messi has been a Real Madrid fan since he was born, and by using the name of Messi he meant to say about his pet dog and not the Catalan star.



The young Spanish international joined Real Madrid in 2013 but by that time he has already named his pet dog {Labrador} after the Barcelona star Leo Messi.



“I named my dog 'Messi' because Messi is the best in the world, and so is my dog, he stated.


Now the 24 year old midfielder has run over that his dog is a Madridista fan, in the face of his unusual name.


In an interview someone asked that if his other dogs Junior and Bubu, were Madrid fans, he answered: "Always. And Messi too, since he was born."