The Frenchman is currently with Sevilla and he has face the argentine Messi and Ronaldo, he thinks Messi is a good team player than Ronaldo.


According to the 30 year old the Messi is good player than Ronaldo because he is a good team player he can play team game more beautifully than Ronaldo.


There will be always the debate going to stay that who is great Messi or Ronaldo and as both of them are individually great player and they won half of the trophies individually.

Now in this season the Argentine and the Portuguese will face each other for the prestigious Ballon d'Or trophy within a few days, but this time another Frenchman Antoine Griezmann will give them a tough fight.


And the defender says that he will cast his vote for Lionel Mesii, who played a brilliant match for his national side today morning where he scored a beautiful goal from free kick and also assisted two brilliant pass for his team mates and because of him Argentina managed to beat Colombia by 3-0.

The defender added: "Yes I met Ronaldo, Messi and Griezmann and sincerely, I respect all three," he said. "It's true that these are the best players in the world today for me, even if we can add many more.

"But since I arrived in Spain, the question I hear most is: Ronaldo or Messi? The two best players in the world are there, but Messi is Messi.

"Between two, three players, he manages to make a difference, to move, to get around and if he really sees a big aggressive group in front of him he will find the pass you need.

"[Messi] is really much more 'team' than Ronaldo and I think that's why I put him on top."