The Former Bulgarian man is in no doubt that the Barcelona man is  the top most player of this generation, and he also believes that the Real Madrid man is too selfish.


Hristo Stoichkov avouched that Lionel Messi is the finest player in this generation, and he does not like to compare Ronaldo with him as he believes that Ronaldo is out of his league.


Every football fan around the world involved themselves in this debate that who is the best player in this generation so as Stoichkov does.

Last term Ronaldo won the Ballon d’Or and also this season he is the favorite one to retain the trophy.

But the former striker believes that Messi has got some unique merit than Ronaldo as that's why People compared Messi with Legends and Ronaldo to Messi.

He Expressed: “Messi - unequivocally number one, he always plays for the team. Crazy technique, intelligence, and yet Messi - not selfish, it is very important.

“People compare Messi with Di Stefano , Pele , Cruyff . But Ronaldo is compared to Messi. That says a lot. 

“He will never will be the same as Messi. And Real will never be the same play as Barcelona.”

This season for the Barcelona side the little Argentine has made 52 appearances and netted 54 goals for them.

On the other hand Ronaldo has scored 42 goals for the Real madrid side but he has won the La Liga title with them and also the Champions league title.