The 18 year old French international is the only man who scored past the Juventus NO 1 this season in the Champions league knockout stages but he believes that he is  the one who deserves the Ballon d’Or this term.


The Monaco forward believes that the Italian international Gianluigi Buffon would be an appropriate winner of this year’s Ballon d’Or but also thinks that Ronaldo could lift the trophy.

This season he scored past the veteran goalkeeper but in the Champions league knock out stages but still his side faced a 4-1 defeat against the Juventus side in the Semi final.

Mbappe voiced: "For all of his work, [Buffon] deserves the Ballon d'Or, but I think it depends on the Champions League final,"

"If Real Madrid win, I think it will be Cristiano Ronaldo but otherwise, I think it would be good for Buffon to win the Golden Ball. "

Though Mbappe showed his admiration for the Veteran goalkeeper but still he wants his ideal Zidane to lift the Champions league this term.

He said: "The one who made me love football was Zidane. Afterwards I developed several idols but really Zidane was my very first idol,"

"It's flattering to be compared to Henry, but as I said and I repeat: 'everybody writes his story.' 

"Thierry has made his career and it was immense, I think it would not be fair to compare an 18-year-old who has not done anything yet.

"If I make a great career, I would not want to be compared to an 18-year-old who has not done anything yet."

This season with the Monaco side he has won the Ligue 1 title and also he scored 26 goals for them in all competition.