The former Manchester  United defender Gary Neville believes that Martial has all the skills that he need to become a real star for Manchester United but first he has to find his highest potential.


The 21 year old youngster who  is still finding his foot in world football has given a astral performance against Watford where he impressed many personas including Neville who rates him very highly and said that Martial has got all the quality in himself to become a wonderful footballer.

The Frenchman joined the Red Devils in the year 2015 from Monaco, his performance was impressive in the last season  but this season things weren't looking that good as he rarely took part for Manchester United under the special one.

But he is slowly coming into rhythm  and he is also washing off all the rumors of him moving on,

In this last Sunday he was the player to watch as he scored a goal and also assisted the other as Manchester United gained a 2-0 victory over Watford.
the Manchester United fans are really looking forward to see him in action against  Saint- Etienne.

in an interview Neville said: "He did really well against Watford. It is a good start for him in terms of the rest of the season,"

"United have got a lot of games, he is going to get football and the fans love him.

"The manager has given him a chance. Go for it. It can be the best club in the world for you to play at and make you into a star. I think he has just got to recognise that.

"Martial has got to decide which way he wants to take it, as have a couple of others. What Jose Mourinho has decided to do is challenge these players and say 'are you good enough to play for this club? Have you got what it takes to go out there and deliver week in and week out?'.

"Martial is a huge signing in terms of money and is still very young. However, he is a massive, massive potential talent. He could be anything he wants to be.

"On Saturday there were so many things that he did well."