The 56 year old Argentine football legend Diego Maradona reveals that he had taken drugs at his time in Barcelona and also he reveals how much struggle he had to face because of  the drugs and wishes he never had taken them.


The world cup winner speaks about his Drug issue that he had to bear all in his life and also stated that taking the Drugs was the worst possible decision he had made in his life so far.

The footballing icon admitted that he had started taking the drugs at the age of his 20s, and because of that he had faced several problems and they are continuing to haunt him after his footballing career has come to an end.

The legend finally capable of conquering over his disease finally in the year of 2004 and he thinks god help him to win over the beast.

EL Diego added: “I was 24 when I started taking drugs. I was at Barcelona,”

“It was the biggest mistake I've ever made in my life.

“My daughter asked me to live for her while I was in a coma. I thank God because he listened to her and woke me up.”

Questioned asked to him whether money, drugs, or woman causes problem in his footballing career,

He replied: “Drugs were the biggest problem – drugs kill.

“I'm very fortunate to be here speaking to you. If I had continued I would have died. No doubt.

“I haven't taken drugs in 13 years now and I feel great.”