The Argentinean legend couldn't digest the fact that the Argentine head coach  Bauza has hold a conference with Icardi .


 the relationship between Maradona and Icardi hasn't been going smoothly since the Former has called the later has called a "traitor" .

Icadri who has married  Wanda Nara who is also the ex wife of Icardi's compatriot Maxi Lopez, this whole incident really pissed of Maradona so badly that Argentina's current head coach who is now standing in the line of fire just because he has expressed his interest on Icardi for National selection.

The iconic legend who also hold the reign of  Argentina for almost 2 years does not want to mix himself with the whole idea of what he would feel if he was with Messi with the same team and he also hold a similar kind of expression for Mario Kempes and Gabriel Batistuta as well.

he added: "I do not dream about that because I live in reality,"

"Messi is having a great career, Mario was a phenomenon, Bati was an animal and (Claudio) Caniggia another phenomenon. I would put them all on my team."

on the other hand Bauza has made himself clear of what he feels about his team and also he feels that his decision won't play a part in his friendship with his captain.

when Maradona was asked whether he was being too harsh on Bauza he said: "I do not. I will not talk to [Bauza] anymore.

"It is his [Icardi's] life. I do not care, but for me he does not exist. There are things that are not done and are not forgiven.

"I want to see Bauza ask Messi if he wants to eat at Icardi's house, or if Icardi can eat at the houses of Messi, Kun [Sergio Aguero], or another national team player after what happened with Maxi Lopez."