According to the latest Manchester United news, United midfielder Paul Pogba avouched that he misses the former Manchester United striker Wayne Rooney and he thinks he is a legend.

Last day the former Manchester United striker takes retirement from his international duty, the 31-year-old English international holds more international caps than any other outfield players according to Manchester United news, scoring 53 goals in his 119 appearances.

The 31-year-old striker says he has got some regrets about not being a part of successful English tournament side and at this stage, he decided to hung up his boots from international duty and to focus on helping the Toffees( Everton side).

Manchester United News says that Paul Pogba the young midfielder of Manchester United open up to the decision with Wayne Rooney when he steps down from his international Duty.

In an interview, Paul Pogba says: "You always miss a captain and a legend like him because he's got experience and he's won trophies."

"It's a top player who can help the team and he's a really top player. Young players can look up to him to improve.

"We wish we can see players like him all the time on the pitch because he's respectful. He does what he loves. He's a top guy and he will always be a legend."

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