The Manchester United manager gives the example of German league to accent his case that the English premier league is one of the toughest league of the game.


The Special one thinks that English premier league is the most difficult league and in here it is very difficult for a club to dominate the league year after year as he thinks in the current scenario it is impossible to do so.

He compared the English premier league situation to the Bundesliga where Bayern Munich is dominating the league year after year and for the last four years they have won the domestic league title and this year they will add the fifth consecutive one.

This season he was appointed as the new Manchester United manager and he thinks simple economic will explain why this league is so tough.

He said: “I have come to a club that has a great and prestigious history, but no club in England, whether it's Manchester United, Liverpool or Manchester City can be dominant permanently. Power has divided,”

“In England, clubs are so economically powerful that the transfer market is open to everyone.

“Take the example of Bayern in Germany.


“You know when they begin to win the title every year? When, the summer before, they buy the best players of Borussia Dortmund! Mario Gotze, then Robert Lewandowski the following year, then Mats Hummels last year.”