The Catalan Attacker scored the last night’s winner against Levante from a spot kick, but after scoring the goal he was benumbed and the Barcelona coach refuses to comment on that.


The 46 year old Spaniard coach and Barcelona manager claims he did not see the Argentine attacker to celebrate after scoring the goal.

In last night’s match the Argentine Ace scored both goals for the Barcelona side,

In the fourth minutes of the match he scored for his club, but after that in the second half the Unai Lopez leveled the score for the visitors and in the dying minutes the Magician scored an important goal for his side from the spot kick and collect all crucial three points for his team.


But Messi was benumbed after scoring the goal in that match and last week was a bit of a difficult week for the Barcelona side as they faced a heavy defeat in the Champions league's  top 16 from PSG.

After the match the Barcelona head coach added: “I didn’t see whether he celebrated or not,"

"And I’m not the person who has to answer that.”

About the PSG game Luis Enrique said: "Compared to the PSG game, I think we were better in everything,"

"We were much better. It's obvious that we are not as fluid in terms of goalscoring chances, but we were better than we were in Paris - even if some people don't see it."

"In terms of effort, teamwork, the distance the players covered, the intensity, their attitude was impeccable in Paris,"

. "I haven't seen a better attitude in the previous seasons.

"Clearly things aren't going for us and we are trying to change that."