In that plane crash incident 71 passengers died and there were Chapecoense player was there and Lucas knows many of them who died in that incident.


The 29 year old Brazilian Dedicate the Reds victory to the player and to the Passengers who were there in that flight.

The plane crashed and it was fall apart in Colombia and in that incident 71 people died and the Chapecoense players was also there, only six people survived the crash, the accident was a devastating for football community.

Last night Liverpool played a FOOTBALL MATCH against the Leeds United in the EFL cup and there the Brazilian man Lucas guided his side and he asked His German coach that if they were a black arm band for the match, they tribute to all the players who lost their live in that accident.

The Brazilian midfielder added: "It was a terrible accident,"

"I have a few people I played with, some young players, it was very hard for me to play tonight, because I know a lot of people there.

"We just hope the families have the support they need and the victims they rest in peace."

Last night at the KCOM stadium there was Last night the there was one minute silence before Kickoff , in that match the Hull city beat the Newcastle United in ht penalty shoot out.

Manchester United twitted regarding this accident:

"The thoughts of everyone at Manchester United are with @ChapecoenseReal & all those affected by the tragedy in Colombia."

The Portuguese star he donated 3m   for the accident and he tweeted:

"Shocked by the tragedy that happened to @ChapecoenseReal. Solidarity with the family members and friends of all the victims. A hug for the club and for all Brazilian football."