The 24 years old Spanish international lost his control during their match with Real Madrid and he calls Ronaldo as a F****t.


Saturday night the Two Spanish giants meet each other at the La Liga match and the Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo steal the match from the Atletico  side by scoring a hat trick and in between that the Atletico Midfielder Koke call Ronaldo as a “faggot” during the match.


The 31 year old winger answered the Spanish midfielder with his play, where he plays an amazing football that particular night and netted three goals against them and because of him Real Madrid side won the match, and he gave an answer back to  koke by saying that:

"I might be a faggot...", "but a very rich one. Arsehole."

In that match the Atletico side displayed a poor game by their side as in the midfielder the Koke was unable to create any chances and, in the Midfield he did not link up well with the Gabi and Saul and in that match he provided some extremely poor crossed towards the box, it was not at all his day and in frustration he said those words to Ronaldo.