The German coach Klopp accolades about the Manchester City manager about his tactics and about his quality ahead of their clash this Sunday at Etihad stadium.


The Reds manager thinks that the Manchester City side is the most difficult side to play against in England, but he is looking forward to renewing his association with the Spaniard coach.

Previously, both the coaches have the experience to play against each other as they were in the German league with Dortmund and Bayern Munich,

Both the coaches lock their horns to take down each other on this Sunday when they will face each other at the Etihad stadium.

The Manchester City is sitting in the third spot on the table and they are one point clear from the Liverpool side and one place higher than the Liverpool side,

But recently they have bitten the dust against Monaco in the Champions league.

In a press conference Klopp said: "These games are always important. I can't remember a game that was not important in the Premier League,"

"We all know the quality of Manchester City. I thought the way they played against Monaco was quite impressive. City could have won the game easily but because they are human beings they are out.

"But their quality is really high.

"You have to win all the challenges, if you lose one it can hurt. We have felt good in these [big] games so far but, for me, they are the most difficult team to play.

"I know their image in this country is different, the Pep Guardiola style... but it's real football. It's difficult to defend against them. We know what we have to do but if we can do it, I don't know."