Last night against Anderlecht the English man was overlooked by the special one, now his position at the Manchester United is little more than a support role.


The former Manchester United player another night on the bench against the Anderlecht put “the final nail in the coffin” for Rooney.

The Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney was picked by the Special one for the Europa league quarter-final against the Anderlecht side but the manager introduced Martial in that match in place for Ibrahimovic and Rooney does not see any minute in that match.

The former Manchester United captain believes that he will move after the end of the season and now at this moment he is looking like a little more than a squad player.

In an interview, he said: "In terms of the bigger picture I’d have thought that’s the end of Wayne at Manchester United.

"He will obviously contribute until the end of the season because of injuries.

"But he must be fuming not to be brought on. I think that’s the final nail in the coffin for him, definitely.

"Leading scorer at the club, I’d expect him to be fuming, if he’s not fuming then he’s obviously lost the eye of the tiger. He must be like a mad man tonight, he must be."

Rooney played his last match for the match against West Brom side after that he did not see any competitive actions for them.

This season he has only made 9 starts for the Manchester United side, and 31 appearances for them in all competition.

Everyone is expecting that he might join the Chinese league but he turned down that talk.